Puzzles Construction Vehicles

Material: sturdy cardboard. Dimensions: W 20 x L 25 cm.
3 charming themes|puzzles with 12, 15 and 18 pieces|made from sturdy cardboard
  • Any child who is fascinated by construction vehicles is in luck! Here are three way-out puzzles (12, 15 and 18 pieces) which invite children to take a tour of different construction sites. On one, an excavator is digging a deep hole, turning up not only soil but also a giant dinosaur skeleton. This causes great excitement, and it’s the same story at the next site where a crane is lifting a pipe that a family of adorable cats has been hiding in. At the third site, a frisky dog is distracting the workers with its cute tricks, so that they fail to notice that the cement mixer has plastered the whole street. The puzzle pieces are made of sturdy, durable cardboard to guarantee many happy hours of play.